Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners Enters Eighth Day

Political prisoners from the 2021 National Strike are currently on a hunger strike in four prisons around the country. Despite numerous promises from the Petro administration to address their situation, the prisoners continue to face dire conditions. The only demand that would bring an end to the hunger strike: a response from the national government regarding the December 2022 proposal emerging from political prisoners in Palmira for the creation of a “Table for Dialogue” (mesa de diálogo).

Today, two hunger strikers in Jamundí sewed their mouths shut to refuse even water. As the strike enters its eighth day, various other hunger strikers are facing health complications.

Here is a translation of their statements (in reverse chronological order).

February 26, 2023

Human Rights Urgent Action #4

Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners of the Uprising
Day 7 — February 26, 2023

1. There was a virtual meeting between the comrades from the hunger strike and the Ministry of Justice’s directors of political crimes and human rights. The human rights director affirmed that Minister of Justice Néstor Osuna will attend a meeting in the penitentiary next week.

2. The comrades imprisoned in Palmira prison that are on hunger strike declared the need for this dialogue to be broad, taking into consideration the other prisons involved in the hunger strike (Jamundí, Valle del Cauca; Acacias, Meta; and El Barne, Boyacá).

3. In Palmira prison, three people with gravely declining health.

We demand that the space for dialogue be broad and consequential. We also demand a rapid and integral response by the government in regards to this mobilization and that they provide all of the guarantees necessary for it. We demand that all pertinent attention be provided regarding any health complications facing our comrades on hunger strike.


February 23, 2023

Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners of the Uprising

Day 4 — February 23, 2023

1. Today there was a meeting with human rights verification mission of the UN, CSCC, and Indigenous Minga in the prisons of Palmira and Jamundí.

2. At 12 a.m., eight people from Puerto Resistencia and Paso del Aguante imprisoned in Jamundí joined the hunger strike.

3. Sergio Pastor joined the hunger strike on Monday, February 20, from Combita, Boyacá. He was the 19th person to join the hunger strike.

We request: The presence of Father Javier Giraldo, guarantees for the accompaniment provided by Red FIC, and that social and human rights organizations draw attention to and join this mechanism for pressure.

We demand: Relevant institutions must provide guarantees for the ongoing mobilization by our comrades. The national government should provide a swift and integral response to the demands from the hunger strike.


February 22, 2023

Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners of the Uprising
Day 3 — February 22, 2023

1. In Palmira prison, there are 7 comrades on hunger strike since February 20. They are still in their respective cells, despite the need for isolation to an adequate space because there is tuberculosis in the prison. A protocol has been activated, and they are monitoring their health.

2. During a meeting with the prison director, they agreed to accelerate institutional processes so that the national government could attend to the strike’s demands.

3. In Jamundí prison, one women is hunger strike since February 21. To date, she is the only woman detained in relation to 2021 that has joined this mechanism for pressure.

4. Today, February 22, 3 comrades from the Acacias (Meta) prison joined.

We demand guarantees for the comrades’ mobilization. We demand that the national government provide a swift and integral response to the demands from the hunger strike.


February 20, 2023

Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners of the Uprising
Day 1 — February 20, 2023

1. 7 people detained in Palmira initiated a hunger strike.

2. They were visited by the Judicial Police, who only noted the motivations for the strike.

3. Tomorrow, they will have a meeting with the prison director in the morning.

4. Health officials informed that they will prepare a space for isolation. Currently there are people with tuberculosis in isolation, and the comrades asked that the isolation be moved to diminish the risks.

5. Tomorrow, 3 women will join the hunger strike from Jamundí prison.

The hunger strike will not be lifted until there is “Table of Dialogue” (mesa de diálogo) directly with the national government.

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